Luann De Lesseps Opens Up About Her Recent Relapse; ‘I Take It Day By Day’

Luann De Lesseps is opening up about her recent relapse in her first public interview since she checked out of rehab earlier this month.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” star joined Megyn Kelly on Tuesday’s “Today” show, where she updated viewers on her health and explained the circumstances which led to her second rehab visit of the year.

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“I feel good. I feel great actually, but every day is a struggle. I take it day by day,” the reality star told Kelly. “I’m going to be 30 days sober tomorrow, so I’m celebrating, and I have this whole new life.”

The mother of two, who was arrested last December on charges of battery on an officer and disorderly intoxication, revealed that she has been attending AA meetings and keeping on the straight and narrow.

“It’s good because I can’t drink, and really at this point, I feel like I’m almost allergic to alcohol because I can’t be like most normal people and have a glass or two of wine,” she explained. “I’ll drink the whole bottle and then I’m looking where can I get another bottle? It just doesn’t work for me. I’m just not wired that way.”

De Lesseps checked herself into a rehab facility in July following news that her ex-husband and their two children had filed a lawsuit against her over the purchase of a new house and an alleged failure to set up a trust for her son and daughter.

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“I wanted to move to upstate New York and I found a beautiful home,” she revealed. “I have this beautiful house in the Hamptons, as a lot of people know, and I wanted to sell that to get this property up there and the children weren’t happy about that because it’s their home and I understand that.”

I needed more privacy,” she continued, “and a lot of people know where I am and I just needed a fresh start. But the kids were not happy with it and the ex-husband came to visit and he decided to block me and sue me.”

De Lesseps said she found out about the lawsuit via the media and it hit her hard. “I felt betrayed, I felt so hurt by that because I really wanted to move on and I really wanted to flip this house and get the other one… I was devastated, and so I lost it.”

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In light of the news, De Lesseps started drinking with a friend and admitted that she “fell off the wagon.”

“I had a girlfriend with me and she goes, ‘I love making watermelon martinis’ and I said, ‘I’m in,’ she remembered. “I had two or three of those and then I had I think two bottles of rosé by myself. And then I had probably a six-pack of beer or something. I was dancing in my kitchen with a bikini on and a Panama hat… I don’t know when to stop.”

De Lesseps then checked herself into rehab which meant she had to miss the filming of the “Real Housewives” reunion special. “I had to take care of myself first,” she told Kelly.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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