‘Sleepless In Seattle’ Writer Fought For Meg Ryan To Star, Even After She Passed On The Role

In the latest episode of IMDb‘s new web series “Casting Call”, “Sleepless In Seattle” is highlighted in honour of its 25th anniversary.

In the short clip, fans of the iconic rom-com learn about the struggles writer Nora Ephron and producer Gary Foster had casting the roles of Annie Reed and Sam Baldwin.

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While Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks ultimately took on the parts, the film didn’t always look that way for Ephron and Foster.

According to IMDb, Ryan was their first choice, along with then-husband Dennis Quaid, but after the script took longer than expected to finish, she eventually passed and so did Quaid.

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Ephron and Foster moved on to Kim Basinger, but by the time the third rewrite came along, Ryan and Hank solidified their spots.

Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Jodi Foster and Demi Moore were also up for the role of Reed.

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Actors That Nearly Nabbed The Big Role



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