The Killers ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ Video

Mr. Brightside, the Killers’ breakthrough video gets an animated follow-up, with Miss Atomic Bomb, the second release off the rocker’s new album Battle Born.

In the video for the 2004 hit frontman Brandon Flowers finds himself in a love triangle with a young burlesque dancer, played by Isabella Miko, and an older man, played by Eric Roberts. Eight years later the actors reprise their roles in a video that mixes live action and animation to flesh out the the lover’s narrative.

Set close to the Las Vegas band’s hometown in the Nevada desert, the story follows an older man living in a motor home, who is taken on an emotional trip down memory lane when a letter arrives at his door. His tale of lost love is told through flashbacks to the ’50s with “Miss Atomic Bomb”; briefly fleeing her life on the stage, to ride through the desert on her young boyfriend’s motorcycle. This location also happens to be the site of mid-century nuclear testing, which inspired the song’s title.

The video, directed by Warren Fu, mixes sentiment with corny set-ups in a style that’s reminiscent of  many ’80s classics.

Watch “Miss Atomic Bomb”; for yourself in the video below.



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