Kaitlyn Bristowe spoke about the recent split rumours surrounding her and fiance Shawn Booth during her Off The Vine podcast, which was released on Thursday.

Bristowe, 33, who was won over by Booth, 31, on season 11 of “The Bachelorette” back in 2015, told “the truth” about their relationship, insisting she’d gone back to Canada because she made a promise to herself to spend important time with her family and the people that she loves.

She added that both her and Booth are busy people, with her partner just having bought a gym.

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Bristowe shared, “If you’ve ever been a person who is running a successful brand or business and a person who is doing the same but in a different career path you know times can be tough. You are both always away, you’re exhausted at the end of the day, sometimes the relationship isn’t being put first, but does that mean you call it quits? No.

“You love the s**t out of each other and you work through it — and yourselves to be better. And you know that times aren’t always going to be smooth sailing. You just have to get through those hurdles and enjoy the good times. Shawn and I are 110 percent committed to each other and, yes, we are still together,” she added, according to Us Weekly.

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Addressing the break-up rumours, Bristowe went on: “To be honest, I didn’t think I would have to do this but also I shouldn’t be surprised. I was on a reality show that showed me getting engaged to somebody.

“[People] will become invested in us and our love story. I haven’t been wearing my engagement ring and not even noticing myself, people have pointed out that I apparently haven’t been liking his photos on Instagram.”

The reality TV star’s comments come after she previously insisted she and Booth were in no hurry to tie the knot, admitting the pair cared more about kids and starting a family than they did about a wedding.