“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is clearly enjoying the spectacle of Omarosa Manigault-Newman continuing to troll Donald Trump as only she can, with the former “Apprentice” villain now turning her gift for nastiness and retribution on the president by playing secretly recorded White House tapes on countless news shows while plugging her new tell-all Unhinged.

On Thursday, she debuted a tape of Lara Trump (wife of Eric) offering her a $15K-per-month job with the Trump re-election campaign in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about what she’d seen in the White House, and has made no secret of the fact that she has even more tapes to share.

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As Colbert joked in Thursday’s monologue, perhaps firing the reality star wasn’t the smartest move.

“So she hired a few Ubers and did her wedding photographs in the Rose Garden. Did that really undermine the dignity of the place where they pardon the turkeys?” he quipped. “Because, oh boy! Has her book tour gotten under the president’s — I want to say ‘skin.'”

Breaking into his Trump impression, Colbert imagined the president’s train of thought when it came to getting his daughter-in-law involved.

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“We can’t have Omarosa spilling sensitive info that could destroy my presidency,” said Colbert-as-Trump. “We need someone to handle this delicately. Send my worst son’s wife.”

In addition, Thursday’s “Late Show” also features a return visit from Laura Benanti’s Melania Trump, who says people shouldn’t believe the claims made by Manigault-Newman.

“She is a wacky low-life, what kind of person ends up in the White House after being on The Apprentice… ohhh!”

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