Hasan Minhaj Says Goodbye To ‘The Daily Show’ With His Final Report

All good things must come to an end, and so it is with “Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj, who made his final appearance on Thursday’s night’s edition of the Comedy Central series.

Minhaj first joined “The Daily Show” in 2014, and like such former staffers as John Oliver, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee, is moving on to bigger things — in his case, his own weekly comedy show for Netflix, “Patriot Act”.

For his final “Daily Show” report, Minhaj shared his genius idea for combining MoviePass with Obamacare, riffing on the news that MoviePass, which allows users to see unlimited movies for a $10-a-month subscription fee — is changing its business plan because it’s hemorrhaging money.

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“It’s all about subscription culture,” he explained to host Trevor Noah. “You pay a small fee and in exchange you get everything. Unlimited streaming from Netflix and Spotify, unlimited shipping from Amazon Prime, unlimited STDs from Tinder…”

When Noah explained that the only way a service like MoviePass can work is if everybody subscribes, with those who don’t go to the movies subsidizing those that do, a lightbulb went off in Minhaj’s head.

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“Young people get movies, old sick people get health care. We’ll call it MovieCare… or ObamaPass, we’re working on the title,” he explained.

“Just picture it: you’re in the movie theatre, you’re watching, let’s just say ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ starring Hasan Minhaj. You’re getting your popcorn on. You’re getting your soda on. And now, thanks to MoviePass, you’re also getting a colonoscopy. You’re welcome, Obama!”

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