Actors will occasionally suffer on-set mishaps while filming movies, such as Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while filming a stunt for the latest “Mission: Impossible” sequel.

During a recent chat with Yahoo’s BUILD series, Rose Byrne revealed that she sliced her finger off while shooting her latest film, “Juliet, Naked”, during a scene in which her character is making muffins.

“Halfway through the movie I put my finger in a blender,” the Australian actress explained, displaying her now-intact digit.

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“And that was awesome,” she added dryly. “And so I had a huge bandage, because my finger came off and they had to put it back on.”

That “huge bandage,” she pointed out, led to some challenges while filming in order to keep her injury hidden from the cameras.

“So it was like, ‘Finger down! Put the hand down! Over the stomach,'” she recalled.

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Based on the novel by Nick Hornby (“High Fidelity”, “About a Boy”), “Juliet, Naked” follows the budding romance between Byrne’s character and a washed-up rock star (Ethan Hawke), who just happens to be the idol of her boyfriend (Chris O’Dowd).

“Juliet, Naked” opens on Friday, Aug. 17.