CNN plans to honour Anthony Bourdain the best way they know how.

The network plans on producing a documentary celebrating and exploring the life of the popular chef, television host and narrator.

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Bourdain, 61, took his own life on June 8. CNN aired Bourdain’s series “Parts Unknown” and was compelled to further feature their collaborator.

“As well as we knew Tony, because he did reveal himself in the series, there was still a hunger to know more about him and to honour his work and celebrate him,” CNN’s Amy Entelis tells Vanity Fair. “The documentary format became one of the more obvious ways to go.”

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“We just want to make it perfect. We want to make it exquisite for Tony. We want to do him justice.” The project is being described as “the definitive Bourdain feature documentary.”

There is no scheduled release for the documentary quite yet, but it could premiere as early as the first quarter of 2019.