Bill Maher Grills Donald Trump For ‘Complete Lie’ Of An Aretha Franklin Tribute

So long as U.S. President Donald Trump is in office, Bill Maher will have material.

The “Real Time” host opened Friday night’s show with remarks about Trump’s relationships with Omarosa Manigault Newman and Aretha Franklin.

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Maher gave his take on Omarosa’s change of allegiance, saying “she lied for” Trump but adding “I don’t care. She’s our a**hole now. I’ll take anything I can get, gladly.”

“If you’ve spent your life as an American refusing to know who Omarosa is, well, now you’re f**k out of luck,” the comedian continued.

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And Maher took exception to Trump’s tribute to the late, great Franklin. “Aside from everything else, what a p**sy piece of s**t he is,” said Maher. “He can’t even say ‘Rest In Peace’ without lying. He was going to tweet ‘respect’ but couldn’t remember how to spell it.”

Maher’s comment was in response to Trump saying, “I knew her well – she worked for me on numerous occasions.”

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