VMan is celebrating its 40th issue by getting three very well-known stars to feature on the cover.

Jaden Smith, Troye Sivan and Lucas Hedges have all posed up a storm to mark the magazine’s milestone issue, with Kid Cudi interviewing Smith, while Sivan and Hedges chat with one another.

The discussion sees Smith speak out about his interest in the ocean and how plastic is becoming a real problem.

He says, “I started surfing when I was really young. I learned how the ocean is alive, and has tides.”

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Credit: VMan
Credit: VMan

“Then, I learned about the environment and the ecosystem, and discovered we’re putting out so many CO2 emissions, creating plastic for agriculture and even for processed meats. We start to overheat the planet, melt ice caps, and water levels start to rise. It’s only getting worse,” he continues.

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Smith adds of his quest to save the planet: “If you combine a lot of plastic together and melt it down, it almost becomes cinder block. You can use trash to create an entirely new structure.”

Credit: VMan
Credit: VMan

“I feel like it can spark a new industry: I’m trying to make and create so many things out of recycled plastic,” he explains. “If you raise the price of plastic on the ground and in the oceans, more people will begin to pick up trash.”

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