Shawn Mendes has candidly discussed his struggles with anxiety, and opens up even further in a new interview with The Times.

Skyrocketing to fame at age 15, after posting brief song covers on Vine led to a record deal, Mendes admits he’s not sure how much being famous at such a young age may have contributed to his anxiety issues.

“It’s hard to say because I haven’t experienced anything else,” Mendes tells The Times. “I was famous from 15 but being famous definitely didn’t help.”

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Now 20, the Toronto-born singer-songwriter says that he’s learned to develop tools that help him cope. “Sometimes it just takes stepping out of your world to get perspective,” he says. “It’s hard work to keep your morale up sometimes. It’s hard being a human.”

In the wide-ranging interview, Mendes also discusses his love life and gives fans hope that one of them might actually be the one.

“Sure, I’d date a fan,” he says. “Why wouldn’t you date someone who admires you? Isn’t that what couples always say: ‘She’s my biggest fan’?”

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When the interviewer suggests that an adoring fan might not love him for who he really is, he has an answer. “Totally, but the star shock only lasts a few hours,” he says. “Then they realize I’m just a regular dude.”

In the meantime, Mendes says that he’s definitely looking for someone he can share his life with. “Hey, I’m open to it,” he says. “You never know.”

You can read the entire interview right here.

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