Jon Stewart Rescues Two Goats Found Roaming New York City Subway Tracks

Jon Stewart is a hero to all living things, even stray goats.

The former host of “The Daily Show” came to the aid of two goats which were found roaming the tracks on the N Line in Brooklyn, New York, on Monday.

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A train operator reported two goats walking along the tracks Monday morning; police were soon called to tranquilize the goats and transport them to a shelter, The Associated Press reported.

The story and fate of the wayward goats captured the public’s attention on social media.

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Later in the day, the MTA subway’s official Twitter account posted a video of Stewart, who had evidently gone out to adopt the goats, Billy and Willy, and move them to the Farm Sanctuary shelter he owns with his wife.

In 2016, Stewart rescued a runaway bull that had been roaming around Queens.

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