Jimmy Kimmel Reignites Feud With ‘Lunatic’ Fox News Host Sean Hannity

Jimmy Kimmel hasn’t let go of his feud with Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

In a new interview with the Daily Beast, the late-night host was asked about the feud, in which Hannity shared clips of some of Kimmel’s more questionable and downright inappropriate comedy bits from “The Man Show”.

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“Yeah, well, I mean he’s a lunatic,” Kimmel said of Hannity in the Daily Beast interview. “He’ll say anything.

“That he would compare me to Harvey Weinstein, it’s just ridiculous. And he knows it’s ridiculous but I realized somewhere along the line I wasn’t going to win anybody over in that argument,” Kimmel continued. “His supporters are on his side, mine are on my side and that’s kind of that. Whereas in a situation like [former Alabama Senate candidate] Roy Moore, I really felt that if there was any even tiny thing I could do to remind people what kind of man this person was, that I would want to do that.”

Kimmel was also asked about the old bits from “The Man Show”.

“Sean Hannity seems conveniently unaware of the fact that the show was on television and that everyone involved was a willing participant,” he responded.

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Asked if he thought those old clips may have aged poorly, Kimmel said, “Not really. No, I don’t think you can’t look at things in that way. If you do, you’re bound to lose.

“That show was always tongue in cheek. And some people enjoyed it for the wrong reasons. There’s no question about that,” he added, “but I think you can put a lot of shows into that category. And it was a show that people liked and we had fun doing it and I learned a lot doing it.”

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