Eminem is looking back on how he first broke into the rap business.

The hip-hop artist sat down for an special interview on LL Cool J’s upcoming SiriusXM show “The Influence of Hip-Hop”, launching Sept. 1 on the rapper’s channel Rock the Bells Radio.

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Asked what drew him to hip-hop, Eminem described being inspired by LL himself, along with other rappers of the period.

“It was so new, and different and refreshing,” he said. “You also didn’t really have to be able to sing. So something about the music just felt empowering. It spoke to me as a kid.”

LL also asked about Eminem’s thought process behind writing the controversial song “Stan”, about an obsessed fan who murders his wife and commits suicide, and which inspire the now common term “stan.”

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“If you were walking outside the venue after a show, and then you saw some fans and you took some pictures,” the rapper explained. “There’s always going to be somebody that you don’t have a chance to get to.”

“I put myself in the shoes of like, worshipping you, worshipping Run-DMC,” he continued. “How could somebody worship me, though. It was weird to me.”