Mayim Bialik ‘Very Sad’ About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Ending Next Year

“The Big Bang Theory” is finally coming to an end next year, and while fans will miss the show, its cast might miss it a whole lot more.

In a post on her personal website, star Mayim Bialik shared her reaction to the news that the show will end after its upcoming 12th season.

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“Am I happy? Of course not,” she admitted. “This has been my job since Melissa Rauch and I joined the cast as regulars in season 4. I love my job. I love my castmates, and I feel such appreciation for our incredible crew, our brave writers, our entire staff, and our amazing fans. So many people are a part of our ‘Big Bang’ family.”

Bialik added: “This is hard. I love coming to work and pretending to be Amy. She’s a riot. She’s me, and I am her. And soon she will not be mine to create.”

Though leaving Amy behind might be difficult, Bialik said that doesn’t take anything away from the experience.

“Being an actor is profoundly humbling, incredibly gratifying, and terribly complex. Being an employed actor on what is the #1 comedy in America is unbelievable,” she said. “And the fact that so many people consider us a part of their lives and families is powerful. I don’t take any of it for granted.”

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“And now I start to figure out what next. Where will life take me? Where will this career go? What do I want?” Bialik continued.

Finally, she added, “Mostly, I want to thank our fans for loving us hard enough to keep this train going for 12 years.”

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