Kirstie Alley hasn’t had any affairs in Hollywood, but she’s come close.

The actress was asked whether she’d ever had an affair with any famous stars on Wednesday’s episode of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

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“Not a consummated affair,” Alley said. “But I did kiss two people.”

As it turns out, the two stars she locked lips with were Patrick Swayze and John Travolta.

“I would loved to have had an affair with Patrick Swayze, but we were both married,” Alley admitted.

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As for Travolta, it sounds like things went a bit further. “I almost ran off and married John,” Alley said.

“If I hadn’t been married, I would have gone and married him, and I would have been in an airplane because he has his own,” she continued. “Let me tell you girls: It doesn’t seem like it’s important if someone has a private jet, but it is. As you get older, you do not want to hang out in airports.”