Patton Oswalt Wants His Fans To Help Impeach Donald Trump

Patton Oswalt is not afraid to get political.

The actor and comedian published an essay at McSweeney’s on the duty of citizens, calling on his fans to sign a petition to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump.

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“Trump puts it all on our shoulders,” Oswalt wrote.

“On top of whatever daily pressures an individual faces, Trump’s presidency assumes we’ll fend for ourselves when we’re flooded, burned, earthquaked or tornadoed by life. Help isn’t coming after the crash,” he added. “We’re on our own.”

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Oswalt implored everyone to take on the responsibility of saving America from Trump.

“America is off-course, brakeless, blindly rushing toward oblivion? We should steal our neighbour’s seatbelts and try to save ourselves, because not only is there no one at the wheel — we’re not even allowed near the driver’s seat,” he said. “It’s. All. On. Us.”

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