Samantha Bee To Critics Of Her ‘Feckless C**t’ Remark: ‘You Can’t Make A Comedy Show That Pleases Everyone’

Samantha Bee has expressed regret for her controversial Ivanka Trump remark, but she is done apologizing.

The “Full Frontal” star faced backlash after she referred to Trump as a “feckless c**t” for her inability to intervene in her father’s family separation policy at the U.S. and Mexico border.

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And although she says she would not do it again, Bee is tired of trying to please her critics. “There is literally nothing that I can do to please loud voices on the right and I don’t expect to try anytime soon,” she told Daily Beast. “It really wasn’t for them. I don’t really care what they think of me.”

“A lot of the loudest voices that came out to speak about me should be embarrassed by their own conduct these days,” she continued. “I could not give a single fuck what they think of me. And why should I? You can’t make a comedy show that pleases everyone, nor should you ever try.”

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In regards to the apology, Bee does not “regret putting it out there. I think it was the right thing to do.”

“The segment really effectively disappeared, you can’t find it anymore,” she added. “That’s really a shame, because the subject matter was really important to me. And we circled back to it multiple times after that, but it’s a story that hasn’t gone away yet. I felt like it did a disservice to the [separated] families.”

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