Breaking news reports that cut into primetime network television programming are nothing new, but an NBC News bulletin on Saturday featured an unfortunate cut from a sombre news story to a bizarre dance performance featuring a pair of flabby, shirtless men wearing dolphin masks.

As the video above demonstrates, the news report announced the death of Arizona Senator John McCain, who succumbed to brain cancer on Saturday at age 81.

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When the report concluded and returned to the originally scheduled programming, however, the tribute to McCain abruptly cut to a rerun of “America’s Got Talent”, in which shirtless dance duo Yumbo Dump performed a bizarre routine in which they wore dolphin masks.

The jarring juxtaposition was so ridiculous that the video quickly went viral, and has so far racked up more than a half-million views on YouTube.

Viewers also responded on Twitter, with one summing up the typical reaction by tweeting, “What did I just watch?”

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