Twitter went wild following Steve Harvey’s massive Miss Universe mistake on Sunday night. The stars joined the millions who watched and didn’t censor themselves when it came to sharing their viewpoints online.

Michael Strahan came to Harvey’s defence tweeting, “hosting anything especially live tv is anything but easy. @IAmSteveHarvey is still the man and made an honest mistake. It happens!” Josh Groban took to Twitter to acknowledge the awkward moment and cheered on his pick for the night. “Look, that #MissUniverse2015 ending was awkward as hell. But happy for the Philippines and second place is still for the WHOLE UNIVERSE.”

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Chloe Grace Moretz, who was also rooting for Miss Philippines was happy for the mix-up. “Oh my god what just happened,” she tweeted, before revealing, “Miss Philippines deserves that she felt so genuine and real.”

Tyra Banks, meanwhile, congratulated Miss Philippines on her smizing skills. “Dang, girl. You betta #SMIZE, @PiaWurtzbach for the win, girl!”

// Olivia Culpo personally apologized to fans and viewers of the pageant via Twitter. “You guys I’m so sorry this happened,” she shared.

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But it was Justin Bieber’s post-pageant Instagram that won over all other social media posts. The singer shared a “Sorry” meme that mocked Harvey’s multiple apologies following the massive flub. Bieber’s post featured a lyric from his hit song accompanied with a photoshopped image of Harvey’s head onto the superstar’s body. “It’s so sad but this is too funny had to post no disrespect,” Bieber captioned the image.

It’s so sad but this is too funny had to post no disrespect

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on Dec 20, 2015 at 9:14pm PST