Taylor Swift Shows A New Side in Video For “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Taylor Swift has had a very exciting past couple of days.

The country superstar turned 23 with a Golden Globe nomination for her song “Safe and Sound”;, as well as a reported surprise delivery of 23 cupcakes from her new beau Harry Styles.

If that wasn’t enough, Taylor’s new video for “I Knew You Were Trouble”; dropped today, and it’s showing a side of Taylor we’ve never seen before.

She’s ditching her sparkly dresses to embrace her inner punk, and her look is complete with a ripped t shirt and pink hair!  And it seems that Taylor’s pretty proud of her transformation tweeting, “The video. Starring the unbelievable @ReeveCarney, directed by the amazing @AnthonyMandler. I’m so proud of this one.”;

Her main man in the video is Broadway star Reeve Carney, and the question that everyone wants to know is – which ex boyfriend is Reeve supposed to be?  It’s no secret that Taylor’s songs are inspired by true-life events, so who do you think “Trouble”; is about?  Tweet us your thoughts!

This new single is getting mega play everywhere, and it seems that Taylor’s celebrity friends feel the same way.  Selena Gomez recently posted a YouTube clip of her and some of her dance friends singing and dancing along to the song.

Watch Selena’s choreographed dance number to the song below and tell us which video you like better!



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