Stormy Daniels Opens Up About Trump Scandal Fallout In Vogue: ‘I’m A Fugitive’

Stormy Daniels is caught in the middle of one of the biggest Trump-related scandals and her life has been changed completely.

The adult film star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is profiled in the new issue of Vogue, in which she talks about her life since the scandal broke.

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Speaking about the alleged affair she had with the future U.S. president, Daniels jokes, “How many details can you really give about two minutes?”

As for life these days, Daniels describes receiving death threats and feeling insecure in public.

“We’ve been at restaurants when we order food and it’s taken too long or somebody was watching and we’ve had to leave—like that,” she says. “That’s why I’m so skinny!”

The public scrutiny from the press and others has also led to some uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.

“We’ve been in a couple car chases,” Daniels says. “We’ve had people put notes under the door, which means they know what hotel I’m in, which means we’ve had to change hotels in the middle of the night.”

Asked if it feels like she’s on the run, Daniels says, “Oh, I’m a fugitive,” before turning to her lawyer Michael Avenatti and asking, “Do you want to be Thelma or Louise, Michael?”

Daniels says she has also tried to shield her seven-year-old daughter from much of the coverage.

“She knows that people date and do this and that, and she knows that Trump is somebody I hung out with or knew three years before I even met her dad, so that’s all fine,” she explains. “The problem is they keep using the words porn star, and she doesn’t know what a porn star is, because she doesn’t know what sex is, and I’m not quite ready to have that conversation.”

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The 39-year-old also says that her fan base has completely changed in recent months, from mostly middle-aged men to throngs of women angry about Trump.

“People come up and they’re so emotional and they put so much on me. They’re like, ‘You’re going to save the world, you’re a patriot, you’re a hero,’” Daniels says. “It’s funny. It’s actually easier for me to handle the negative stuff. It’s not like I turned on Twitter today and was called a whore for the first time.”

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