Prince Jackson Says He’s ‘Honouring’ His Dad Michael’s Birthday In A ‘Personal Way’

Prince Jackson, the oldest son of the late Michael Jackson, is shutting down social media trolls who expected a public tribute on what would’ve been the King of Pop’s 60th birthday.

Prince took to Instagram to slam a user that sent him a personal message that read, “It’s your dad’s birthday… Expecting a post from you for him.”

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The 21-year-old quickly replied with a message to all his followers, “If you expect anything from me you will get nothing. I see a plethora of ignorant messages like this on a daily basis. This is my account that is public to everyone and I will use it as I see fit.”

He added, “If you’d like to see birthday posts for my dad look at what I’m tagged in.”

And just because Prince isn’t publicly honouring his dad, doesn’t mean he won’t be celebrating the occasion. “I chose to honour him in a different, intimate, and personal way,” explained Prince. “Also for future reference ignorance like this will be posted and blocked. So think before you speak.”

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Prince’s younger sister Paris also chose not to post publicly, she retweeted a few Twitter posts.

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