A month after the horrific terrorist attack in Paris where 89 people were killed at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, Bono welcomed the rock band on his stage to sing their blessings. The EODM band mate Jesse Hughes opens up on how grateful he was for Bono’s support.

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“Bono knows that I’m a Christian, and he also knows I’m a mama’s boy,”; Hughes tells Rolling Stone. “The very next day [after the attack], a courier came with a phone that had a note that said, “This is from Bono. Make sure you call your mom.’ I thought that was awesome.”;

Hughes explains how the U2 front-man then got on the phone with him, even when he didn’t think he would be able to get on stage again.

“He just prayed with me on the phone. He kept my head off of things,”; Hughes explains.

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After U2 welcomed EODM on their stage, Hughes says he feels “bound to France forever”;.

“The reaction of the country in general was wonderful to me, and so U2 gave me the opportunity to come back and go through my mourning process a little more naturally instead of feeling like I left my heart there,”; he adds.