Piers Morgan has lambasted Cosmopolitan UK, calling the decision to feature plus-size model Tess Holliday on its cover “dangerous and misguided,” but the magazine’s editor is defending the decision.

Holliday, a 33-year-old plus-size model from Los Angeles, graces the cover of the October 2018 issue of the fashion magazine, in a statement that is meant to promote “body positivity.”

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Editor Farrah Storr, who also conducted the interview with Holliday in the magazine, appeared on “Good Morning Britain” to face off against Morgan.

Citing Britain’s obesity rates, Morgan said that the magazine was telling women “it’s fine to be 300 pounds,” added, “I don’t get it.”

“No, I know you don’t get it,” Storr replied.

She later added, “This is one cover which has a larger lady on the cover, in a sea, in a world, in a culture which has venerated, since I can remember, thinness.

“So are people gonna look at that and go, ‘Do you know what, I’m now gonna go mainline doughnuts, this is what I want for my life.’ Of course they’re not, that’s patronizing.”

Storr’s appearance came after Morgan created a stir, going after the cover on social media last week.

“What a load of baloney,” Morgan stated in an Instagram post. The TV presenter said that in a time when Britain is facing “an ever-increasing obesity crisis” this cover is “just as dangerous and misguided as celebrating size zero models.”

Morgan received a lot of support from social media users who agreed with his statement.

“This is promoting obesity, I’m completely agreeing with Piers,” one Instagram user posted.

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“I think she is a beautiful brave girl but it should not be celebrated! I am fat by the way and I am suffering because of it!” wrote another.

Another added: “I’m far from perfect. But this image gives people the idea that obesity is ok. Inside this woman is the potential for many weight-related health problems.”

Photo: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo: Cosmopolitan UK

However, others accused Morgan of “body-shaming” and showing double standards.

“Not everyone in this country @thepiersmorgan is a size 10,” one Instagram user wrote. “And a lot of people who are overweight can’t help it, they may suffer from arthritis or another illness which makes it impossible to lose weight. I say good for @tessholliday she’s a positive role model. You should look in the mirror Piers, your [sic] not exactly thin yourself.”

Holliday has since hit out at her critics:

Photo: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo: Cosmopolitan UK

The American model also received support from “Orange Is The New Black” actress Laverne Cox:

“I’ve gotten a lot of amazing messages today, but this one is *extra* special,” Holliday tweeted in response to Cox’s kind words.

In her interview with Cosmo UK, Holliday discusses her mental health issues and being comfortable in her own skin. The October 2018 issue hits newsstands in the U.K. on August 31.