A longstanding question has finally been answered.

Michael Jackson was believed to have made a cameo in a 1991 episode of “The Simpsons” as an overweight patient in a psychiatric ward.

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The balding character boasted a familiar high-pitched voice and could clearly carry a tune when singing. What’s more, the character said he was “Michael Jackson.” Near the end of the episode, however, the character’s voice dropped tremendously, suggesting the whole thing was a ruse.

“The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening told Charlie Pickering on “The Weekly” the King of Pop did indeed make a special appearance. “You don’t have to put it in quotes,” Groening said. “We really did have him.”

Ironically enough, the only thing Jackson did not voice was his character’s singing. “He didn’t want credit for, or there was some kind of deal with his record company or whatever, so when it came time to sing the songs, he had a sound-a-like singer,” Groening explained.

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“He stood there and watched the guy, who was so nervous who had to sound like Michael Jackson, and then he giggled,” the show’s creator continued.

Believe it or not, all it took to get MJ on “The Simpsons” was one phone call. Groening couldn’t believe the process was so easy and asked Jackson to call him back to confirm.

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