There comes a point in everyone’s life, usually during adolescence, when one of our parents does or says something that makes us cringe — and royals are no exception.

In an upcoming documentary about the Prince’s Trust — the charity founded by Prince Charles that raises money with annual star-studded benefit concerts — TV hosts Ant and Dec talk to Princes William and Harry about their dad, and the sons reveal that Prince Charles certainly had his cringe-worthy moments.

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In an interview with Event magazine (as reported by The Daily Mail), Ant and Dec (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly) reveal William and Harry being mortified by their father’s tendency to go “rabbiting on”; and also recall how he used to embarrass them during school visits by laughing at the wrong moments.

Prince William recalls one incident in particular when a technical problem during a school play brought the production to a halt — resulting in loud guffaws from Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh, revealing that it’s something of a family tradition to find it hilarious “when things go wrong.”;