For more than three decades, Don Cherry and Ron MacLean have been a Canadian television mainstay with Hockey Night in Canada and now they’re forever cemented onto Canada’s Walk of Fame.

“It really does mean a lot,”; Cherry tells ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey during an exclusive backstage interview at the Canada’s Walk of Fame gala. “When I think back to the times when I was 36-years-old, unemployed, couldn’t get a job. Then I get a star, it really means something to me. It kind of chokes you up a little bit.”;

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Even the always stoic MacLean can’t help but get a tad worked up about the honour. “I feel like (Don) always feels when he does Coach’s Corner,”; he says. “He comes off that segment just drained, like an absolute wet rag. And I feel that way today and I don’t normally. You know, I try to downplay it, play humble pie about awards, but evidently this one struck a chord.”;  Watch more with the duo below.

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It hasn’t always been easy for the iconic duo though. Instead of getting awards, they were struggling to convince the bosses they had a good thing going.

“I’m proud I kind of got through the phase of my career with Don when I had producers telling me to change his thinking, to alter his thinking,”; adds MacLean.

Cherry definitely remembers those times: “I’ve been told many times that this is your last year, this is your last month. I thank the Lord every night that he lets me survive and I’m happy I’m surviving.”;

Canada’s Walk of Fame airs Friday, December 17 on Global.