Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan have called it quits.

The singer, 18, took to an Instagram livestream to confirm the news.

The breakup comes after numerous Instagram posts in which Lil Xan, 21 (real name: Diego Leanos) accused Cyrus of cheating on him.

In a since-deleted post, the rapper wrote, “I feel like I’m probably being cheated on.”

Cyrus later shared a screenshot of a text message conversation between the pair which, she says, prompted the accusations.

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In the exchange, Cyrus sent a Photoshopped picture of “Charlie Puth’s head on a pornstar’s body.”

“I’m heartbroken and confused,” she wrote alongside the photo. “This is the meme I sent Diego that made him think I’m cheating on him.”

In her Instagram live, the “Make Me” singer explained, “I’ll try to explain it more in the next couple of days,” before adding, “I never did anything that I’m getting accused of.”

While fighting back tears, Cyrus continued, “Get away from every f**king person that goes into your life and just crushes it and crumbles it and makes you feel like a piece of f**king s**t.”

She added: “Don’t let men do that to you.”

Lil Xan also addressed their relationship and what it means for the fate of their planned music video for their “Live Or Die” collaboration. “The ‘Live or Die’ music video is not coming out at this point,” he said.

“I’ve just been informed that basically it’s all fake and I’m being used. So f**k it. I guess I was just being used. I thought I was in love but whatever. I’ll take that. Heartbreak soldier; thanks, Noah. Hope the song does well.”

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In a now-deleted Instagram Story, however, Xan said the entire relationship was orchestrated by Columbia Records as a marketing tool.

“It was something set up by Columbia Records,” said Xan. “Columbia, uh, set it up to boost, uh, her like… y’know… like, everybody s**t poppin’ [sic]. Shout out to Columbia Records, too, for setting up that fake relationship.”

“I didn’t want to do it, to be completely honest,” he continued. “It was just added work to my schedule, you know what I mean?”

Cyrus denied Xan’s allegations in her own Instagram story: “This relationship was not set up by Columbia Records. To say that is a joke. It started when I got a DM from Diego and he asked me to hang out.”

Just weeks ago, the couple made their public debut at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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