Rose McGowan spoke about feeling “betrayed” by fellow #MeToo activist Asia Argento when she appeared on Tuesday’s “Good Morning Britain”.

McGowan, 44, was questioned by host Piers Morgan, 53, about Argento, 42, “lying” to her about the Jimmy Bennett sexual misconduct claims. However, McGowan insisted, “The truth about that story is between those two people.

“What is positive about this story, if we’re looking for a silver lining here, is that Jimmy Bennett, the accuser and the alleged victim in this case, is showing that boys have voices and boys get hurt, too.

“My feelings in the face of Jimmy Bennett’s feelings are very insignificant. Personally, it’s been a hard year with a lot of betrayals.”

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McGowan was also quizzed about Maureen Lipman’s recent claims suggesting women are sending out mixed messages by dressing a certain way.

The star shared: “MeToo is not just for women. I’ve had so many men share their stories of abuse. It’s never happened before in history and people are freaking out and trying to analyze and crunch the data. Let it breathe, let people have their voice.

“If I feel like walking down the street naked, no one has the right to rape me. When I take my girlfriend, who is masculine presenting, to a gay club, often times she gets grabbed. Everybody has the sovereign right to their body.”

Tuesday’s press then took McGowan to Jeremy Vine’s new Channel 5 show, where she called Harvey Weinstein the “cult leader” of Hollywood, according to Deadline.

“I was never really in love with Hollywood. For me it was my day job. I’m an artist in full and always been a writer and now a filmmaker and a producer and singing on an album that I’ve been creating for the past three years, while for the past four years pushing against Hollywood and societal constructs and pushing back at the rules we’re all meant to follow. What are they going to do — put me in time out celebrity jail? It’s absurd.”