Jeff Goldblum has a fair amount of fans out there but the owner of this charity shop seems to have taken their love for the actor to a whole new level.

Twitter user Simon Reah noticed that the store in question had placed a pic of the “Jurassic Park” favourite in every single one of their frames, and he couldn’t resist sharing pics of the arguably creepy snaps on social media.

One person pointed out that the photos were “the greatest work” they’d ever seen, while another said, “Somebody needs to give that person a raise.”

See more reaction below:

The latest Goldblum news comes after a 25-foot statue of the much-loved star was erected in London to mark the 25th anniversary of “Jurassic Park”.

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The figurine, which showed Goldblum as his character in the film, Dr. Ian Malcolm, was placed in front of Tower Bridge.

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