Could Geoffrey Owens be returning to Tinseltown? On Tyler Perry’s watch, he just might be.

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After photos surfaced of “The Cosby Show” alum working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey over the weekend, the actor and filmmaker gave Owens a special shout-out on Twitter, seemingly offering him an acting job.

“#GeoffreyOwens I’m about to start shootings OWN’s number one drama next week! Come join us!!!” Perry exclaimed on Twitter. “I have so much respect for people who hustle between gigs. The measure of a true artist.”

However, it doesn’t seem like Owens would be up for the gig after he expressed to “Good Morning America” co-host Robin Roberts that he wouldn’t necessarily want to receive special treatment following the viral photos.

“I wouldn’t feel comfortable getting acting jobs from this event,” Owens told Roberts. “I wouldn’t mind getting auditions. I don’t mind if people call me to try out for things, due to what’s happened… I want to get a job because I’m the right person.”

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In the exclusive interview, Owens also revealed how he felt immediately after the photos started to circulate.

“I was really devastated but the period of devastation was so short,” he told Roberts. “My wife and I started to read these responses from literally all over the world. Fortunately, the shame part didn’t last very long.”

The 57-year-old, who sported his Trader Joe’s name tag throughout the interview, explained that the attention he received following the headlines was overwhelming but in the best way possible. “I kind of feel like that character in that Woody Allen movie that wakes up one morning and he’s a celebrity all of a sudden.”

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Owens, who’s been working at the grocery store for 15 months due to necessity and flexible hours, also thanked the number of stars who shared their support over the weekend.

The actor now hopes his experience can bring to light that “there is no job that’s better than another job.

“Every job is worthwhile and valuable…no one should feel sorry for me,” Owens expressed. “I’ve had a great life. I’ve had a great career. I’ve had a career that most actors would die for. So no one has to feel sorry for me. I’m doing fine!”

Check out his full interview with “GMA” above.

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