Billy Eichner has brought us no end of hilarity on the current season of Billy on the Street, with guests ranging from forcing Julianne Moore to recreate her most famous movie scenes for tourists in Times Square to accompanying Will Ferrell on an Elf-themed holiday romp.

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For the upcoming season finale, however, Eichner poses a dilemma that will really make you want to put on your thinking cap when he asks New York pedestrians to guess whether statements he makes describe Kris Jenner of Pinocchio toymaker Geppetto.

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While it may seem easy, there are some distinct similarities between the two. Is it Pinocchio’s dad or the Keeping Up With the Kardashians momager, for example, which of the two “did wonders with children that are made out of wood,”; or “manipulates children using strings?”;

Billy on the Street airs Fridays on Showcase.

Watch and learn: