Lil Yachty believes he was racially targeted by a Caucasian police officer.

The “Shoot Out the Roof” rapper said he was pulled over by “a white cop” in a tweet posted Tuesday.

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“Wow a white cop really just pulled me over just to ask me for the bill of sale on my car because he didn’t believe it was mine,” Yachty wrote. “I didn’t do anything wrong. He literally just doesn’t believe it’s my car.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he insisted. “He literally just doesn’t believe it’s my car. S**t is crazy.”

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There is no word on where the incident occurred, although Yachty’s tweet location suggests it happened in Georgia. Chances are he was either in Atlanta — a hotbed for his subgenre of hip-hop — or near his hometown of Mableton.

Yachty, 21, also did not specify what car he was driving.

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