Hockey Hall Wants Players To Stop Doing Keg Stands With The Stanley Cup

No more keg stands, says the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The organization is asking hockey players to no longer do keg stands on the prestigious trophy after the Washington Capitals did so a number of times. “We ask them politely not to do it,” cup minder Philip Pritchard told The Washington Post. “We’re trying to preserve the history of the Stanley Cup.”

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“We don’t want any unnecessary damage to it or a person,” the man responsible for the cup for the last 30 years explained. “In case they drop the person or he presses too hard or something.”

Look, Pritchard is not trying to be a stickler here. “I have nothing against keg stands,” the Hockey Hall of Fame vice-president told USA Today Sports. “My goal is only to preserve the Stanley Cup. If they could do keg stands without grabbing the Cup, then great. But if you put weight on it, then it will affect the Cup.”

The NHL is considering adding keg stands to the official list of banned Stanley Cup activities, alongside scuba diving, swimming, and sky-diving.

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“We’ll see what happens as we move forward with the Cup,” Pritchard said. “At the end of September, the Cup is going in to get engraved and updated and cleaned and everything, so we’ll see how it is because we have to take it apart then and everything. We’ll know probably more then, in early October, once it’s back for the home opener. Our biggest thing is respect for it.”

No matter the future of the Staley Cup keg stand, hockey fans can find comfort in the fact that the above video of Alexander Ovechkin will live on forever.

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