Jennifer Lopez’s new cop drama Shades of Blue came close to losing its leading man Ray Liotta due to “diva”; rumours surrounding the star.

According to Gossip Cop, Liotta, 61, admits he was a “little nervous”; to star in the crime series alongside the American Idol judge.

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“My biggest fear was that this was going to be The J.Lo Show,”; he says, pointing out that she’s not only star but also executive producer, and “everybody across the board”; would be working for her.

Now that he’s worked with Lopez, however, the Goodfellas star is happy that he chose not to listen to gossip, and says rumours of JLo’s diva behaviour could not be further from the truth.

“I met Jen and she was open. Not like, “This is my show.’ None of that from her,”; he explains. “If anything, Jen was a cool chick on the set and I was the diva!”;

Meanwhile, Lopez admits she was ecstatic to have Liotta join her in the series, in which she plays a bribe-taking detective who caught red-handed by the FBI and forced to turn informant on her fellow dirty cops.

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“You needed a strong, tough guy like Liotta,”; she says. “He delivers on all levels. He is perfect.”;

Shades of Blue premieres Thursday, Jan. 7 on Global. Here’s a sneak peek: