Quentin Tarantino Surprises Theatregoers At ‘Hateful Eight’ Screening

Theatregoers at a cinema in Austin, Texas, got more than they bargained for during last night’s screening of The Hateful Eight when the film’s director paid a surprise visit for a Q&A after the film ended.

“You guys are the lucky ones!” Alamo Drafthouse theatre chain CEO Tim League told the crowd in attendance at the city’s only theatre equipped to show the film in the 70mm format in which Tarantino wants it to be seen.

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Tarantino was joined onstage by fellow director and occasional collaborator Robert Rodriguez, reports Entertainment Weekly, and took questions from the audience.

Answering a question about his inspiration for The Hateful Eight, Tarantino explained: “I was depressed and angry about a couple things. I had never written a script when I was depressed and angry before. And I think you can kind of tell when watching it … I wrote this, and I felt a lot better!”;

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Tarantino also confirmed the film originated as a sequel to Django Unchained, but morphed into its own animal as he wrote it. “Django in White Hell was the name of it,” Tarantino revealed. “All of a sudden it hit me the only thing wrong [with the story] was Django. There should be no moral centre. I thought it should be a room of bad guys, and you can’t trust a word anybody says.”;

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To commemorate his appearance, the theatre posted a pic of Tarantino, Rodriguez and League on Instagram:


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