Jim Carrey Rides His Scooter To ‘Kimmel’ For Unforgettable Talk-Show Entrance

Let it never be said that Jim Carrey does not know how to make an entrance.

The Ontario-born actor/comedian joined Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night talk show on Thursday, riding into the studio on an e-scooter after viewers tracked his progress riding through Hollywood.

Wearing a bright red jumpsuit, Carrey also proved to be an expert at multi-tasking as he rode, managing to shave, clip his toenails and even disrupt the Brett Kavanagh Supreme Court hearings on his way to Kimmel’s studio.

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“I love it. You can pick ’em up anywhere, and just drop them wherever you need to,” he quipped of the scooters, which have become ubiquitous throughout Los Angeles.

During his chat with Kimmel, Carrey discussed the controversial artwork of Donald Trump and members of his administration that he posts on Twitter, with Kimmel displaying examples.

Carrey also plugged his upcoming Showtime series “Kidding”, a new collaboration with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” director Michel Gondry in which Carrey stars as Jeff Pickles, a beloved children’s entertainer in the midst of a breakdown.

“The show is about a beautiful human being with a huge heart that everyone’s trying to protect. And lightning hits his life. And everyone’s afraid he’s going to [fall apart],” Carrey described, comparing his character to the late Fred Rogers.

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“Mr. Rogers would come out on a show like this and he would be so absolutely authentic that you can’t find the irony,” he added. “We’re really reminding people that we’re all innocent. We have it. We haven’t lost it. Trump can’t take it away from us. It will always be there.”

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