Owner of the Comedy Cellar, Noam Dworman, has said he’s “very upset” with Louis C.K. after the comedian was slammed for his “uncomfortable and disgusting” set recently.

Sources previously spoke to Vulture about the star’s appearance and the owner has now told Huffington Post: “I’m very upset with him because my life has been substantially affected and his life has not, and I’m not sure he’s aware of it. I’m not sure that he gave it sufficient thought.

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“On the other hand, I think he’s been disconnected from the world and didn’t realize. I am upset.

“We were the place that never did that stuff… And now I’m the national symbol of it. The very opposite of what I always stood for. The very f**king opposite!”

Dworman’s comments come after attendees spoke about one “rape whistle” joke in particular that made them especially “uncomfortable.”

“When he said ‘rape whistle’ people were laughing, and I was just sitting there like, ‘Oh my f**k. This is so uncomfortable and so disgusting,’” one woman said.

“Everyone around me was laughing. That was just depressing.”

It was the controversial comedian’s first standup set since he was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women in a New York Times expose.