Natalie Portman Talks ‘Vox Lux’ Oscar Buzz And Shares What It Was Like To Play A Pop Star

The Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing – and we caught up with Natalie Portman to talk all about her upcoming musical-drama, “Vox Lux”.

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Portman stars as a young woman who rises from tragedy to become the ultimate pop superstar, and she shares with us the unique way she prepared for the role.

“I watched kind of all the pop star documentaries that are out there and it was really fun to get to draw from all of them. There were so many different awe-inspiring things I got from different people,” Portman says. “It was kind of a dream. It’s kind of the most fun thing about being an actor is that you can try on these different lives and that’s a life that’s fascinating to me.”

However, it doesn’t look like the 37-year-old will be switching from acting to music anytime soon.

“I don’t think that’s a plan but it was fun to get to dip my foot in for sure and it was really fun to get to record these songs,” she explains.

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After premiering at the Venice Film Festival this week and now having its North American premiere at TIFF, “Vox Lux” has received enormous Oscar buzz and Natalie couldn’t be more happy.

“It’s so exciting to get to have audiences be as excited about it as we are in terms of making it,” she says. “The creative process was extremely fulfilling on this and it was so great working with these incredible actors and Brady [Corbet] and the dialogue that he wrote and I love this characters, so it’s fun to see audiences reacting positively.”

The film also stars Jude Law, who has worked with the “Black Swan” star multiple times.

“Jude is my favourite and this is the third time we’ve gotten to film together, the fourth time we’ve been in a movie together,” Portman says of her co-star. “It is always just the best experience working with him. He’s the kindest person, he’s the best actor and is just creatively amazing.”

Meanwhile, Law spoke about how proud he is of how Portman has grown since their first time working together on “Cold Mountain” way back in 2003, both in her real life and as an actress.

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