UPDATE: Monday, Jan. 4 (3:30 p.m.) – During his extensive chat with Howard Stern this morning, John Stamos had a revelation to share: he once impregnated a young woman he was dating, and helped her get an abortion.

“This was just bad timing,” Stamos said of her choice not to have the baby. “It really wasn’t my choice … I think it was sort of a mutual decision.”;

John Stamos appeared on this morning’s Howard Stern Show, and opens up about being arrested for DUI and then subsequently sent to rehab.

“It was really stupid and ignorant of me,”; Stamos told Stern of driving under the influence. “I could have hurt somebody… I hated myself for that.”;

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As Stamos explained, the death of his mother earlier this year kind of sent him off the rails, and the arrest was a wake-up call that he was heading down a dark path.

With rehab complete, Stamos said he’s now completely clean, admitting the toughest part of the process was getting off prescription sleeping pill Ambien.

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“Damn Ambien. I’m so happy to be off that,”; he told Stern. “My memory was starting to get really f***ed up from that.”;

Ambien, he added, “was the hardest thing to kick, by the way. Booze, whatever, that happened, but the Ambien was tough.

Listen (courtesy of TMZ):