Jamie Oliver has been hailed a hero by neighbours after chasing down a suspected thief on his street following an attempted robbery.

According to the BBC, witnesses claim Oliver, 43, “pinned the man down” while waiting for police near his £8.9 million (CAD$15.2 million) north London home.

Despite his heroic behaviour, the British chef was reluctant to speak about the whole thing.

He insisted, “It’s not a situation you want to get involved with, it was what it was and it ended OK.”

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Oliver, his wife Juliette Norton, and their five children were said to have all been home at the time of the incident.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police added: “Police were called to reports of an aggressive male attempting to gain entry to residential addresses in N6.”

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“The male was apprehended by members of the public and was subsequently detained by police.

“He was taken to a north London police station and was subsequently released with no further action.”

It’s not yet known why the man in question was released.

Neighbours spoke to the Mirror about the incident, with one explaining of Oliver: “It was just a brave, selfless thing to do.

“Despite the clearly very hairy situation, Jamie was laughing and joking with the coppers saying they’d done a great job to arrive so quickly after the 999 call.

“Everyone is really thankful for his quick thinking and courage.”

Another said Oliver was “just trying to do the right thing.”

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