Lady Gaga On Working With Bradley Cooper On ‘A Star Is Born’: ‘We Had An Instant Chemistry’

When it came to filming “A Star Is Born”, Lady Gaga says the chemistry with her co-star and director Bradley Cooper was “instant” on set.

Sitting down with ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey following the North American premiere of their film at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, the singer-songwriter and Golden Globe winner praises Cooper on his directorial debut.

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“It was everything,” Gaga says. “When you can trust your director and also trust your co-star, the leading actor in the film, it just provides for the ability for me to be vulnerable in ways that I might not be vulnerable in my everyday life.”

Recalling a moment on set, she adds, “I’ll never forget when he was checking to see if there was makeup on my face with a makeup wipe. You know, and if there was something there, he’d be like, ‘Take it off! I want to see your face.'”

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Gaga continues, “It was a beautiful experience. He’s a tremendous director. I can’t say enough wonderful things about him. We had an instant, instant chemistry when we first met and the friendship just grew from there and I had the utmost faith in him that he would just soar, soar making this film.”

Addressing the big undertaking he had with his directorial debut, the “American Sniper” star says, “I worked so hard in preparation. I actually went to bed very tired and exhausted, but exuberant that I was going to get up the next day, and that’s the best way to go to bed. You know, to put in a hard day’s work.”

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While the film is earning rave reviews, Cooper adds that he was initially reluctant of his ability to co-star in and direct the film. “There was tons of doubt while I was preparing,” he says. “Tons of fear and [it was] terrifying. [I was thinking,] ‘I shouldn’t do this. What am I stupid? Am I crazy?’ But then once we got on set first day, I felt very confident.”

With expectations that the film will soar into awards season, Gaga tells Hickey that while in some ways she is “nothing like” her character Ally, she did pull from her personal experiences to fully embrace the role.

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“I pulled from everything in my life,” she says. “I pulled from my past, from my current situations. Everything that I have in my emotional arsenal and in my heart and in my mind. I wanted to give to [Cooper] everyday on set, so that he had all of me. And I’m just very grateful that I had a friend. You know, ’cause even in scenes when I was supposed to be made at him or hurt by him, I still felt the trust.”

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