Paul McCartney Answers Fan Questions About New Album On Twitter

Paul McCartney is taking to Twitter to answer fans burning questions about his brand new album Egypt Station.

The 76-year-old legend hosted a Twitter Q&A Monday, just days after releasing the record, hoping to explain the meaning behind the title, album art and track listings.

“Paul is getting ready to answer your questions,” the official account for the former Beatles member wrote before thousands of questions flooded in.

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As for the album art, that’s by McCartney himself, “I did a painting a few years ago which involved Egyptian iconography that I put together from various books. And I named the painting #EgyptStation, so that’s why!”

He added, “Oh, and the painting turned out to be the album cover and title!”

As McCartney explained, everything about Egypt Station has a meaning: “I wanted to do what I would call an ‘album’ album, rather than a collection of singles. So once we thought that and the title #EgyptStation we then thought we could go on a train journey from the opening station through all the stops on the way, until we reached the destination!”

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McCartney didn’t only answer questions about the album, he did reveal details about his downtime at home with wife Nancy after a fan asked “What’s one thing you and Nancy watch together?”

“The most recent was ‘Mission Impossible’,” he revealed. “And years ago, when we first met, we watched the film about Bobby Kennedy.”




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