The upcoming big-screen reboot of Baywatch has landed its leading lady and Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson is letting us know just how much of a smoke show she really is.

Taking to his Instagram, Johnson posts a series of videos in which he and Kelly Rohrbach practice running in slow motion, with Rohrbach wearing the infamous one-piece red swimsuit.

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The first video shows the two running in slow-mo, with Johnson not quite sure how it really works.

The next video shows the two running again, but this time Johnson “had to make sure”; the new CJ Parker was “tough enough.”; Watch: 

And lastly, Johnson officially welcomes Rohrbach with a playful video seeing the supermodel pretend she can’t swim.

“Yes, she’s a walking smoke stack but more importantly… she’s smart, tough and funny. Just the way we like ’em. Get ready world, we can’t wait to bring you our generation’s #Baywatch,”; he captions the video.

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Production of the new Baywatch, also starring Zac Efron, is set to begin early this year.