Jennifer Love Hewitt Makes Her ‘9-1-1’ Debut In The Midst Of A Devastating Earthquake

Starting a new job is never easy at the best of times, but imagine you’re a 911 dispatcher suddenly caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake that lays waste to Los Angeles.

That’s pretty much the dilemma experienced by Maggie Kendall, the new dispatcher played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who’s joined the cast for season 2 of Global‘s hit drama “9-1-1”.

In a harrowing new trailer for the second season, Maggie maintains her composure as the City of Angels crumbles, while the team’s EMTs, police officers and firefighters struggle to keep a handle on the ever-escalating situation in what promises to be an explosive season premiere.

During a “9-1-1” session at the recent Television Critics Association press tour, the 39-year-old former “Party of Five” star discussed her new role as Maddie, who’s sister to Buck (Oliver Stark).

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According to Hewitt, Maggie “has had a little bit of a tough time in her life in sort of an abusive relationship. She comes to her brother pretty broken and bothered by what’s kind of happening in her life and needing to start over and needing a place to maybe figure out who she really is and, hopefully, help other people,” she explained.

“She was a nurse before and, sort of through his guidance and brilliance, becomes a 911 operator and is able to help people, but stay in a safe place, given her situation,” she added.

The new season of “9-1-1” debuts Sunday, Sept. 23 on Global, with the second instalment of the two-part season premiere airing on Monday, Sept. 24.

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