Colin Farrell Explains The Use Of N-Word In New Film ‘Widows’

Colin Farrell is defending his new film “Widows”.

The flick, which just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, includes a scene that has Farrell and Robert Duvall’s character using the N-word.

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But the Irish actor, 42, is vocally defending the film and its director Steve McQueen: “It’s the weakness sometimes of what people who claim to be strong perceive as weakness, is where the seeds of change live,” Farrell said in a press conference in Toronto.

“The majority of, if not all, the wrongdoings in the world take place in silent conversations… So this is a conversation that’s been going on between him and his father,” he said, adding that his character’s head tilt was all “that the man can manage at that point.”

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McQueen, who also directed 2013’s “12 Years A Slave”, also defended the use of the word: “We’re no fools.

“We have to project reality onscreen because that’s what art is about, and we have to transform it and reveal it.”

“Widows” premiered Monday night at TIFF but is set for a worldwide release Nov. 16.

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