Bow Wow Opens Up About Addiction On Twitter, Reveals He ‘Almost Died’

Rapper, actor, and former child star Shad Moss — better known as Bow Wow — is coming clean about his own struggles with addiction.

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In a series of Twitter posts Monday, the 31-year-old revealed he “almost died” due to his daily use of ‘lean’ — a mixture of promethazine, prescription-strength cough syrup and soft drinks that became a popular recreational drug within the hip-hop community during the 1990s — back in 2007.


“My attitude, everything changed,” Bow Wow recalled. “My fans started to turn on me, my family too.” His wake-up call came while on the “UCP” tour with Chris Brown. “I was addicted until our show in Cincinnati. I came off [stage] and passed out, woke up in the hospital.”

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“I almost died,” Shad wrote. “To this day I’m affected, my stomach will never be the same.”

He ended the revelation with a plea: “We gotta save the youth from going out early. Parents, watch your kids…DRUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! Smarten up, tighten up out here. We can’t lose no more of you.”

It seems as though Bow Wow’s posts were prompted by Mac Miller’s apparent overdose, which occurred only three days prior.




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