Channing Tatum and LeBron James are making a joint appearance on Wednesday’s edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, as the duo promote both a new animated movie and a worthy endeavour: James’ recently opened I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, to educate at-risk students.

In the video above, James and Tatum undertake some hilarious dares, including James downing a shot of tequila using no hands and Tatum getting down on the studio floor to show us a “sexy crawl.” It’s all worthwhile, however, as DeGeneres rewards their efforts with a $100,000 cheque for the school.

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After discussing the voice roles that Tatum and James play in the upcoming animated film “Small Foot”, the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers shares his excitement over the school’s opening.

“It means everything, not only to myself, not only to my foundation, but to my hometown,” he tells DeGeneres. “And those 240 kids that’s in there right now, I walked the same streets as those kids. I had the same dreams, the same nightmares, the same upbringing as those kids, so I know everything they’re going through. And for me to be able to have a thought about having an at-risk school and then have it come to fruition… it’s a dream come true for me.”

In another segment, Tatum tries to convince James to do some “Magic Mike” dancing onstage at the Vegas review. Here’s how that goes:

Meanwhile, in an “Ellen” exclusive, James shows off his dance moves during a commercial break — watch:

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