Alison Brie Attempted To Backflip In Donald Glover’s Apartment And It Backfired

Alison Brie trying to impress Donald Glover is EXTREMELY relatable.

Last night on “The Late Late Show With James Corden”, the “GLOW” actress was asked about hanging out with her former “Community” co-star.

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“Definitely! When we were shooting ‘Community’, that whole gang was super-tight,” Alison revealed. After joking that Donald has always been “cooler” than her, she recalled one night in particular when she attended a party at his apartment.

“Everyone was having a great time, and at one point I decided to just yell out to the full party and be like, ‘HEY EVERYONE — WATCH THIS!'” In a drunken state, Alison proceeded to “throw [her] body backwards onto a lamp, and possibly break said lamp.”

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Ensemble cast member Danny Pudi came to her aid, asking, “‘What did you think was going to happen?… Why did you think you’d be able to do that?’

“I don’t really remember going to many of Donald’s parties after that,” Alison admitted.

Watch the funny clip in full above.



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